Thursday, 26 November 2015

12 things you probably don't know about Bonne Santé

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, levels of care and high quality treatments, however our reputation speaks for itself in these terms.  Below are some facts that you may, or may not know about Bonne Santé en Montagne and about me.

1 - This season we are celebrating 21 years of Bonne Santé.  It was founded by the renowned physio, Chi Kung practitioner and cranial sacral therapist Sue Reed.  Sue moved to Italy with her family in 2006 and Louise took over Bonne Santé early in 2007.  See for more information on Sue.

2 - All our therapists are highly skilled with a minimum of five years postgraduate experience.  Our therapists work with all levels of sports men and woman, from recreational sports right up to elite athletes. Examples include the treatment of athletes at the London 2012 Olympics, the British ski team and the British Disability ski team, which demonstrates the high level of skills in our team.  

3 - We have a professional development training session every week.  We skill share, practice techniques, review the latest research, evaluate and brain storm to ensure that we are staying at the forefront of injury development and treatment.  As a team, we are passionate about our career and strive to be the best we possibly can.

4 - We are the only British physiotherapists in Val d'Isere with a clinic base.  Our clinic is located in the Residence Les Andes, just off the tourist office square.  We have two well equipped rooms where we perform both physiotherapy and massage. We also offer chalet visits for people that would prefer treatment in the comfort of their own surroundings.

5 - One of our previous therapists, Laura Penhaul is currently leading a four girl team in a 29 ft pink ocean rowing boat across the Pacific Ocean.  Follow their incredible journey at  They are raising money for Breast Cancer Care and Walking with the Wounded. Click on this link if you would like to make a donation:

6 - At school, I was told that I wasn't clever enough to do physiotherapy at University.  As I can be a little bloody minded at times, this spurred me on to improve my grades.  Not only did I get onto a physio course, when I graduated I came 4th in the year (out of nearly 90) and I was just 1% off first class honours. My school moto was 'Alta Petens' meaning 'aiming high'.  This I did and this I still do. If you set your mind to something, it is achievable.

7 - I am currently studying a diploma in diet and nutrition.  I think this will complement physiotherapy extremely well and I am hoping to be able to advise my patients on how to eat to accelerate recovery.

8 - When I first took over Bonne Santé, I invested every penny that I had.  As a result, I ended up spending the first couple of months living in one treatment room and sleeping on a blow up air mattress on the floor.  Patients were cared for in the other treatment room, oblivious to the physio squatting next door!  Washing was a challenge as there is no bath or shower in the clinic, so the gym showers were visited daily!

9 - We are highly confidential.  We respect you, your injury and your health.  Anything that you discuss with us in the clinic, we will not disclose outside of our walls.  We can not even talk to a family member about your treatment without your consent.  Unfortunately for us, this means that we can't boast about the celebrities and elite sports people that we treat, as we respect their confidentiality as much as yours.

10 - We have strong referral links to surgeons and physiotherapists in the UK, so we can recommend where to go for continued high quality treatment if it is still necessary once you return home.

11 - Your holiday insurance will often cover the costs of physiotherapy treatment with us. We will liaise with your insurance company as necessary.

12- Our clients do not just come from the UK.  We have patients from Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Singapore and Hong Kong to name just a few long haul visitors.


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