Friday, 13 January 2017

Happy New Year: 2016 reflections

A very happy new year to all our friends, family and clients.  Before I say anything else, I would like to thank everyone who has supported Bonne Santé over the past year - our team, our clients and the kind people who continue to recommend our services.  Thank you also to everyone that supports our social media sites and contributes to our discussions, blogs and professional development.

Looking back at the past year is important to us in order to reflect on what we have achieved and analyse our service for continued improvements going forwards.

So, what did we achieve during 2016?  Well, our blogging really took off and we are grateful to everyone that has given us ideas, feedback and contributed to our posts.  As well as our clinic in the centre of town and the chalet visits that we offer, we now also have a second treatment room on the outskirts of town.  This is allowing us to continue to meet demand as our service grows.  Our ties with practices in the UK are stronger than ever, with some previous Bonne Santé team members working at fantastic clinics in London and around the country.  Congratulations to Gemma and Andreas who have taken on their own pilates studio in Kingston Upon Thames:

For the first time, we stayed open year round and treated clients throughout the summer and autumn. 2016 was a trial summer, however it was such a success that we now plan to stay open year round in the future.

In terms of professional development, I have continued to develop my pilates skills and I would like to say a big thank you to Sarah Sissons for the privilege of covering some of her pilates classes during the autumn

I have also obtained a diploma in Sports Nutrition.  Although this qualification does not allow me to offer nutrition consultations, it greatly complements physiotherapy work and allows me to provide clients information on healthy eating and ways to improve recovery.

Unfortunately, 2016 also saw our first serious team injury.  Therapist Jo, landed on her back when snowboarding and fractured her T2 vertebrae early in December.  She is doing really well and her pain is minimal, however the large brace she has to wear does not provide much comfort!  She should have a better time frame for recovery next week when she has another scan, but well done Jo for staying so positive.  Jo has promised to take part in a Q and A blog on being 'on the other side' as a physio come patient which will be published soon.

So in 2017, we plan to
  • Continue blogging with the aim of increasing our interactive discussions in the world of alpine sports
  • Increase our social media following - we ask for your help with this by liking and sharing our posts
  • Stay open year round, providing physiotherapy and massage to summer clients whilst developing our services working with cyclists and summer sports
  • Continue to develop our educational services - informing people of injury prevention, injury management and sports preparation 
  • Strengthen our links even further with BASI and ski instructor training courses
  • Re-develop and update our website. 
So what are your skiing and fitness goals in 2017? We'd love to hear what your plans are and by contributing to our discussions you will help to highlight areas that we can focus on, help to educate others and look into research.  To help us do this please:
  • Share this post
  • Tell friends and colleagues about our services
  • Book in with us for a biomechanical assessment to help identify areas that you can improve through training to help your piste performance
  • Keep giving us feedback through our blogs and social media posts
  • Review us on facebook if you have had treatment with us.  Whilst we don't publish the testimonials that are emailed to us as we feel that this is not ethical advertising in the world of healthcare, we do appreciate any feedback we get.   
Over the next few weeks, we will be re-publishing some of our blogs from our 'Ski Performance' series.  These have been our most popular blogs to date and have been requested by BASI trainers who are running courses over the coming months.

In the meantime, we send you all our very best wishes for 2017.  Bonne Santé!



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